Meet Our Staff

 Head Coach РBrian Conrad
Head Coach – Dan Macintosh


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5 thoughts on “Meet Our Staff

  1. Hi I just wanted to ask a quick question. I was interested in my son trying out wrestling and was wondering if you had some kind of an introductory thing to explain to him what the classes are all about, (besides the obvious), maybe he could sit in and watch and the other thing I was wondering about was the daily mat fee and if the practice was 4x/ week. Is the mat fee $80/week additional?


    1. Hi Seta,
      Thank you for inquiring on our CBC Youth Wrestling program. We hold classes 4X a week. Monday, Wednesday & Friday 5:00-7:00 pm & Saturday 10:00-12:00. Our monthly fee is $125.00 for all classes. Please come and join us anytime and we will introduce the basics of wrestling to your son.
      Hope to see you soon
      Coach Conrad

        1. Hi,
          The mat fee is for those that are only participating on a class to class basis. Most of the time it is students already involved in other sports/activities or to another club. So they cannot make enough classes per month to warrant paying a monthly fee. It is not on top of the $125.00 fee.
          Have a great Thanksgiving
          Coach Conrad

  2. The coaches are stand up people.The wrestling community is like a big family.The commitment that CBC puts in to kids of all ages is tremendous.My son was brought up in CBC and is still on there minds and thoughts ,and they wish the best for everyone.Great place CBC ,thank you

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